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Vaastu Shastra is a science of building architecture that broadly describes the principles of design, layout, and measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement etc. Without the Vastu of your home office, negative energies don't give you the complete comforts and benifits of your home/office. The core purpose of this ancient science is to balance the energies of living space and align these with the energies of the inhabitants. If we use the energies of vastu direction in balance way, our home and office gives us the best results in aspect of health, wealth, education, position, rank, living etc.


Vaastu Shastra has a sound scientific base. It is purely a science having broad guidelines for designing every structure like room, house, temple, shop, industry, town planning & cities too. Vastu Science has a logical reason behind each of its principles. Vaastu is not related to any
religion or superstition. Rather a clever set of principles put together by our ancestors for healthier, happier and balanced living space. Sarvamangal Vaastu help you to give you best solution of Vastu for your land and best remidies for your constructed home and offices to achieve best success in every aspect of your life.


IIT Kharagpur, the country's oldest and largest IIT introduced Vaastu Shastra to UG and PG Architecture students in April 2017. This step is a clear cut indication and an eye opener for non-believers that this ancient wisdom of Vaastu has a firm scientific base. Hence it is absolutely wise to believe that Vaastu Shastra principles works in present modern times as well to achieve a healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure. Get the best vastu consultation and live the relaxed life.

Ensure happy, healthy and serene vibrations with perfectly balanced living space that attracts positive energy. We are happy to help you balance the energies of your space and align them with the energies of your inner self to promote:-

1. Healthy Body
2. Happy Mind
3. Enlightened Soul


Residential Vaastu Rs. 23,000.00 (50 Sq. MTR. to 100 Sq. MTR.)
Residential Vaastu Rs. 50,000.00 ( 101 Sq. MTR. to 200 sq. MTR.)
Residential Vaastu Analysis Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Above 201 Sq. MTR.)


For Multi Storey & Duplex Houses :- 20% extra of Each floor.
Four visit are included in this price, after that 20% extra fee will be charged for every visit

Promote a well stable energized and harmonious workplace using Vaastu principles to ensure profitable business.


Industrial and commercial Vaastu Rs. 1,40,000.00

Personal Site visit by a Professional Drafts person to prepare To-The scale plan of the site to be worked upon.


Prepare Site Plan Rs. 2.5/Sq. Feet